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    Everything about all types of wristbands can be found on this website. Our leading products consist of Bar-coded, 2D Coded, Personalised and RFID (Microchip) Wristbands. Our RFID Wristbands perform the combined functions of an Oyster Card and a Superstore Loyalty Card - except that it is securely and comfortably attached to your wrist and completely secure. Check our Contacts Page for a chat to see how we can help

  • Wrist & The Bureau Partnership 

    Whether you are looking to create your own bespoke event or you just need to fill a last minute role or two, The Bureau have the contacts for you.  Ranging from Event Co-ordinators to Executive Producers, Event Stewards to Close Protection Operatives, Tablecloths to Tensator Barriers or Fully Managed Service Providers in the UK or overseas, we offer them all!