Wrist Marketing has carefully researched and reviewed a range of Covid Detection and Management hardware and software that integrates with our Access Control Services.

With these services in place it is possible to record the temperature of each individual, staff and attendees.

Whether the venue is a Theatre or Trade Show much more can be done other than simply checking the temperature of each individual. There is no doubt that the Pandemic has had a disastrous impact on all sectors of hospitality but with the right technology applied in the right way businesses can provide their customers with a service that exhibits a duty of care which can enhance brand loyalty.


On arrival all Staff and Attendees presents a  Bar-code on phone or paper which is scanned using a fixed scanner on a desk or wall to maintain social distancing with reception staff. The individual is then Temperature Checked using an Attended Service or a "Walk Through" Portal. Their temperature is then logged against their records on the registration database. Those with normal temperatures can proceed as normal. If anyone's temperature is above normal they are processed in line with the events policies. This strategy, based on medical guidelines and mandatory requirements, should ensure the individual is correctly advised as to what action they should take - seek medical advise, self isolate etc.


Make Safeguarding, Contact Tracking, Temperature into a GOOD thing. It is all too easy to do the minimum but do a bit more, use access data intelligently and your staff and customers will thank you for it. 


ATTENDEESMerely checking the temperature of everyone entering a ticketed event is doing the very least to protect your staff and attendees. Instead of simply being turned away, individuals that show an above average temperature can be offered booking a show at a later date, discounts, vouchers, reimbursement of their ticket, generally engaging with them in a way that will ensure they return.

STAFFAll accredited staff, crews, management, performers etc will have a record of their temperature throughout their time on site. The period on site may last for several days or even weeks so it is important to monitor their temperature on a regular basis. Anyone showing a high temperature can be processed to self isolating with their records assisting with contact tracking.